Madhees HR announced a new service called Staff Augmentation for international & domestic. This service is an outsourcing stratagem which is used to staff a project and respond to business purposes on instantaneous basis.

Staff augmentation will help you to achieve a number of business goals comprising quicker speed-to-market, industry and technical knowledge that accelerates the excellence and speed of development, and evading the cost and time prerequisite for internal training and skill development. Staff Augmentation services arrange for skilled personnel to work underneath your direction to help you progress, preserve, achieve and support your Projects and assignment through your selected applicants. Our capable application professionals can help you manage changeable skill needs, skills breaks and fluctuating staffing needs to meet your forceful project timelines.

Madhees HR, global outlook with robust localized presence and dedicated skills-development empowers us to focus on providing significance to our customers’ businesses through industry-specific assistances, custom-made solutions and highly-skilled domain professionals.

Business Challenges

  • How can you reduce the cost of hard-to-find skills and take benefit of globally competitive rates?
  • Is your goal to be competent to access skills when and where compulsory on a changing and flexible basis?
  • How do you admittance leading skills devoid of an investment in training?
  • What can your company do to make sure that staffs are trained in the up-to-date practices that drive quality and speed in growth and management?

Key Benefits

  • Decreasing total cost of recruitments and saves time
  • No need to disquiet focus on staff preservation & procurement
  • Remove the need to hire permanent employees for short term projects
  • Easy for amalgamation with client internal process
  • Increase management to easily focus on developing plans and ingenuities to meet your business objectives
  • Stress-free to adopt the right resource for long term projects
  • Easy to accomplish the project deadline
  • Decrease the time frame for acquisition of resources

For more information please feel free to visit


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