Madhees is working on wired varieties of technologies to serve the needs of all customers.

We are having well experienced professionals to understand the needs of a customer and to provide end to end services.

In today’s adroit business world, our clients have to be in advance state of competition by maintaining belligerent product release schedules to provide new updates, features, functions and performance standards, while concurrently retaining their current customers by constantly delighting them. The only way they can adaptably increase their engineering bandwidth to instantaneously achieve their outwardly diverse results is through a company like Madhees which has various product engineering capabilities.

While Madhees offers know-how in all the implementation facets of a product such as system architecture, design and development, Whether you have an idea you want to corroborate, a product you want to build, or a prevailing product that needs optimization, our people are trained to cross any sort of barriers and we have the proficiency to drive business results and the track-record to prove it.


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Senior Java Engineer [5-7 Years]

Job Description

Are you an aspiring Senior Software Engineer looking for an opportunity to work in a fast paced and fun environment? We’re looking for strong candidate who will be responsible for creating designs and implementation for the  parts of enterprise Java application running on Tomcat. We believe that exceptional employees are the key to our success and are looking for an engineer  who can  work in a highly collaborative, distributed and cross functional Agile team and will take a lead role in providing design , solution and code for our learner management system  and also be responsible for code reviews and ensuring unit tests and overall integration tests to  help with the  quality of the product.

We are expanding our development team and adding additional positions to start developing and maintaining our enterprise learner management system which lets our 6000+ customers consume content from a variety of sources and with different features that fit the needs of learner. We believe that our customers deserve the best experience and we are delivering on those with state of the art product that  you will be working on. You could be the one to help us achieve our goal!

Position Responsibilities

  • Ability to understand  critical customer needs and provide solution, design and code for our enterprise JAVA application.
  • Work hand-in-hand with rest of the team for functional implementation and also help identify coding patterns and anti-patterns and also support of the implementation of the patterns through code reviews.
  • Helps break down, estimate, and provide just-in-time design for small increments of work.
  • Collaborates with different people in variety of situations.
  • Deliver quality micro services and promotes improvements in version control, continuous integration, project build, and project automation.
  • Test-drives clean, quality code, working closely with other Agile team members.
  • Consistently follows software development methodology

Knowledge and Skills

  • 5- 7 years of industry experience
  • Must have the ability to understand a requirements / problem, provide solution , create design documents, help with  implementation and create unit and integration tests
  • Must have experience creating enterprise web application using server side JAVA running under Tomcat web service
  • Must have experience with  web development frameworks such as Struts and Spring
  • Must have experience  with JDBC driver and SQL server technologies  such as MS SQL Server
  • Experience with AJAX UI  technologies such as EXTJS, Angular JS is a big plus
  • Experience with Elastic or SOLR a big plus
  • Experience developing micro services a big plus
  • Ability to provide support and mentor to junior developers
  • Great team player

Education and Certifications

BS/MS in Computer Science Preferred

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